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we help Former professional athletes get the benefits and compensation they are entitled to. 

You May Be Eligible if

🪙 If You Played For Professional Team in California

🪙 signed Any Of Your Contracts While in California

🪙 If you Played For California Based Organization

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Did You Know...

You May Be Eligible for

California workers compensation

If You've Played Professional Sports.

You May Be Eligible for

California workers compensation If You've Played Professional Sports.

Even If You...

Played 30+ years ago or had no documented injury while you played. 

Have retired from a California team or organization. 

Signed ANY one of your contracts while you were in California.

Retained a California agent or représentative during your professional career.

If any of these apply to you, just know you are not alone...


Don't let the system work against you.

Taking control of your situation & getting

what you're entitled To Is Now Possible

with Pro Athlete Law Group.

Taking control of your situation & getting what you're entitled To Is Now Possible with

Pro Athlete Law Group.

NFL Athletes

The Ultimate Solution

For Getting What You Deserve

 As a former professional athlete, it's often frustrating to navigate the complexity of getting the benefits & compensation for your injuries...

NFL Athletes - Pro Athlete Law

 Especially if you're:

● Lacking knowledge on what's available to you

● Having difficulty proving the cause of your injuries

● Facing long wait times to receive benefits.

getting The Benefits & compensation you're entitled to

There is a solution. Through extensive research & experience, we're helping former athletes navigate the system - so they can receive the benefits and compensation they deserve.

Baseball, Pro Athlete Law

"Our goal is to spread this knowledge out to other former athletes who are likely struggling with the same issues."

Athlete Benefits & Compensation

At Pro Athlete Law Group, we're helping former professional athletes like you receive the benefits and compensation you're entitled to. 

Baseball, Pro Athlete Law

Our Team Of Industry Experts Will Show You How To:

● Apply for athlete benefits

● Prove injury causation

● Appeal if benefits are denied.

Feeling unfairly treated & worried about your financial situation?

you May be eligible For Compensation.  

"We educate, represent, and handle the entire process for you -

so you can focus on your recovery and well-being."


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Are You Eligible for California workers compensation?

To qualify to file a claim, you must have a California connection. 

That connection could be aNY of the following:

● Played for a California team or organization

● Played for a minor league affiliate based in California – (even if the major league affiliate was not in California).

● Signed a contract for any team while physically in California. 

● ​Retired from a team that is located in California or is an affiliate of a California organization. 

Awards Ranging From:

Future Medical

Care For Life

Out Of Pocket

Medical Care Expenses

Cash Settlement

Future Medical

Care For Life

Out Of Pocket

Medical Care Expenses

Life Pension

Cash Settlement

Life Pension


Why does Pro Athlete Law Group exist?

Pro Athlete Law Group exists to support professional athletes by helping them secure the benefits and compensation they deserve for the injuries and sacrifices they've endured throughout their careers. Our mission is to ensure that athletes receive the legal assistance they need to navigate the complexities of their rights and entitlements.

How much will it cost for me to file my claim?

Nothing. Workers’ Compensation claims are processed by attorneys who work under a contingency agreement, which means there is no charge unless there is a recovery. Our office will also arrange for a disability evaluation, complete with x-rays and MRI’s at no cost to you. In California, the current allowed fee is 15% to 18% of the recovery. For complex cases, such as athlete injury cases which involve multiple injuries and often multiple employers, the Santa Ana Board has allowed attorney fees up to 18%. This Summary was not meant to be exhaustive of the governing laws; rather, it was prepared as an introduction to the field. Moreover, while an athlete may have a valid claim this summary should not be taken as a guarantee that all claims will be successful or, if successful, that the amount recovered will fall within the range indicated earlier.

Will I qualify for benefits? 

A retired professional athlete may be able to get workers’ compensation benefits in California if they signed a professional contract with a team or employer operating in the state, if they ever permanently resided in California at any point during their professional career, if they played for a team located in California, or if they retained a California-based representative (such as an agent or manager). Only one of these conditions must be met. Recent court decisions have stipulated that an athlete may be able to obtain benefits in California if they routinely played games in the state, even if they were primarily employed by a team based in a different state.

What Is Cumulative Trauma?

An athlete’s body is seldom in better shape at the end of their career versus the start of it, which points to the toll professional sports can take. However, not all athletes have a serious incident that results in a single, life-changing injury – or even an early, forced retirement. Many athletes instead experience “wear and tear” over the course of their careers. These collective injuries, which may include conditions like ongoing joint pain, are referred to as “cumulative trauma.” So long as you can prove your body sustained damage related to your job as a professional athlete, you potentially qualify for California workers’ compensation benefits for cumulative trauma, even if you have no specific, especially severe injury..

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Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a

fine of up to  $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine. 

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